Interest in painting started at a significant level as a member of the United Arts Club in Dublin in the seventies. Contact with artists like Jimmy Le Juene, Charlie Brady, Harry Kernoff and John Coyle and the regular exhibitions held there instilled an enthusiasm that eventually tempted me to give it an attempt by the late nineteen eighties.I was never really a collector (not something an Irish scientist expects to do!) so despite my several visits to Kernoff's house in Stamer Street to where I occasionally brought him home late at night, and saw his many unsold works lying up against the skirting boards of his living room,I never thought of buying one.John Coyle eventually became a close friend and encouraged me to attend exhibitions at the RHA.

When I had a bit of time to dabble I found watercolouring the most challenging and unpredictable.Perhaps it suited one whose life was spent in the precise and logically rigorous professions of physics and mathematics.
I decided to dispense with traditional methods of watercolouring and look a little bit deeper into its chemistry and physical characteristics and to do an extensive survey of watercolour papers.No rules were adhered to and the freedom discovered in this experimental and somewhat random approach was truly enlightening.It had the disadvantage that most paintings were not reproducable but having witnessed the similarity of many successful artists' work,I began to see this as a major pleasure.
Apart from exhibiting at some major exhibitions over the last two decades,I have not entered the commercial market and most of my works have been given to friends for personal use or to raise modest funds for different causes.A small number of commissions have been executed for special public and academic occasions,mainly in Ireland.

'Verklaerte Nacht' | Watercolour | Professor Denis O'Sullivan
Smock Alley | Watercolour | Prof Denis O'Sullivan
'Horseman Passby' | Watercolour | Professor Denis O'Sullivan